Our Services

Our Services

We offer refurbish, repair, overhauling and service automatic transmission, power steering rack, torque converter, air spring strut absorber suspension, soft top hydraulic system and etc.

As specialists in Automatic Transmissions for most American, British, European and Japanese Transmissions our services include:

-Gearbox Overhaul
-Valve Body Services
-Wiring Troubleshooting
-Sensors Checking
-ATF Flushing
-Computerise Diagnosis System
-Change of Engine Oil Services
-Change of Gear Box Fluid Services
-Checks Light Diagnosis
-Change of Gear Box Fluid Services
-EFI Troubleshooting
-Suspension Checking
-Oil Leak Checking


-Reconditioned Automatic Transmission
-Reconditioned Torque Converter

-Automatic Transmission Spare Parts
-Australian Auto Transmission Specialist [Show slideshow]